Dr. Gordon Hull

Dr. Gordon Hull
Winningham 105C

I am Associate Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy at UNC Charlotte, where I have been for the past eight years.  I work in moral and political philosophy generally, with particular emphases on problems at the intersection of law and technology, and on the history of political thought.  I am the author of Hobbes and the Making of Modern Political Thought (Continuum, 2009), as well as numerous articles on intellectual property, privacy, political theory, contemporary European philosophy, and related topics.  I am currently working on a book manuscript tentatively called The Biopolitics of Intellectual Property, which tracks a shift in intellectual property law towards directly shaping the lives we lead and the communities we build.

See my Research page for most of my articles, which I also post on my SSRN page.  My Google Scholar page is here.  I also blog regularly on NewAPPS.

I have begun a regular contribution to the Mecklenburg Medicine, the newsletter of the Mecklenburg County Medical Society.  My contributions (.pdf) are here: